Author: Roger Vicker

Photo Traffic Enforcement

Photo Traffic Enforcement Big Brother or Sound Practice The Council Bluffs area recently saw the start of the use of cameras to catch those that run red lights. Opponents quickly claimed that this was going to create more serious problems

Absolute failure to have new articles

WOW! Four months without new articles!!! Maybe starting this site was some sort of curse. Well, I don’t know how to apologize for the delay but the health problems in the family quickly resurfaced in a critical way. It involved

HIPAA a law gone too far?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was promoted for the working class employee as an improvement in being able to keep themselves insured as they changed employers. Hence the Health Insurance Portability in the title. However the big

Teens Sleeping In and School Starting Time

There have been studies that say that if schools would start later in the morning, teens would do better. The premise is that the teens are not really awake and able to function until later in the morning. By starting

Confiscate the vehicle for drunk driving

In the United States a person can be repeatedly convicted of drunk driving and continue to drive. I’ve been told that in many European countries that not only is the cost of any drunk driving conviction many many times that

License Alcohol.

You have to get a license to drive.   You have to get a license to sell insurance. You have to get a license to practice medicine. Why not require a license for alcohol?  

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